Heartwood Hospital has the UK’s leading transplant clinic. With the largest transplant ward in Europe we are fully equipped and prepared to put your health first. For over 40 year’s we have been improving and changing the lives of others with state of the art medical technology.

As of last year, Heartwood had the highest success rate in the country, mainly focusing on our heart and lung transplants. We pride ourselves on excellence and only provide the best care for our patients.

To find more out about the heart transplant process please click on the heart.

To find more out about the lung transplant process please click on the lungs.

I always leave Heartwood feeling proud of what we have done there. The transplant unit is an excellent example of our healthcare system and is one of the best in the country.
Matt Hancock
State secretary of health
At Heartwood we are like a family, close knit and full of support- we want to help anyone that walks through the door! I'm proud of the staff here and what the life changing transplants we do here.
Lin Davison
Head transplant coordinator